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John Kelly
Started to lose distance

Bought a full set of Caley clubs in 2021. I love the irons, wedges & hybrids and originally loved the driver, even my friends were impressed when I began outdriving them. However recently I have began to lose quite a bit of distance with the driver off the tee. I tested this by comparing my new Caley driver against my old driver at the range and I began to out drive the Caley with my old driver. Not sure what the answer is here, I've checked my Caley driver for any hairline cracks that may affect distance but found none. Suffice to say I'm now back with my old driver, shame really.

Jamie Charlton-Little
Game changer!!

I am a total novice, at 27 years old, having never hit a golf anywhere other than a driving range with mates for fun until last summer! I have been playing weekly since beginning of summer 2021. My driving was dreadful. With a bit of assistance from Me and My Golf (and this incredibly well-priced, high spec driver), I have transformed my game off the tee on par 4s & 5s - hitting straight, lengthy drives in and around the fairway more often than not.

Only downside so far (40 days later) is the black finish beginning to fade and chip (maybe I should stop topping/toeing it)

Nicola Gibson
Fantastic driver

Bought this for a present and son was delighted with it. Will definitely be buying more Caley golf products

Tom Newman
Beautiful club and great price for starters

I started golf 6 months ago and this has helped me get started and feel comfortable playing golf at and affordable price, no club will fix my bad swing but I definitely feel this club has helped me keep the ball in play a lot more than normal

Colin Glassey
Caley driver

With the feel and look of this club .it has given me the confidence to go at the ball with more oomph off the tee which in turn has added extra length for me …I love it !!!