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Caley | Blade Putter | Left-handed

Caley | Blade Putter | Left-handed

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You might be a better putter than you think you are... 

Even the best golfers in the world rarely strike putts in the exact center of the putter face. In fact, the impact area is quite significant across the face of the putter. The Caley blade putters deliver uniform density across the entire face. So, no matter where you strike the ball, there are no “hot spots” or “dead areas” to impact the distance and trueness of your putt.

Equally important, the face of every Caley blade putter is CNC milled for perfect flatness and a uniform mill pattern from heel to toe.

The double milled pattern produces the perfect roll, as well as a solid yet soft sound and feel. 

The weight of the putter head helps promote a smooth and consistent putting stroke.

Blade Putter Specifications
Lie 72
Head weight 350g
1045 carbon steel
Length 34"
Grip Size Midsize
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alison Robinson
Left handed Caley Putter

Everything I expected in a putter and more. Well made an overall excellent product.

Russell Foster
Lovely putter

Was very excited when I came across the brand and wasn’t disappointed when I ordered a putter. Top quality for a fraction of the price. I love the simple design coupled with great craftsmanship.