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Can’t complain so far

Have only used these for 9 holes and a range session so far and I really like them. Irons are very forgiving. Wouldn’t mind a stiffer shaft on the woods/hybrid but for the cost, these are probably the best you’ll find.

#3 Fairway Wood
Graham Suggitt
The Easy to “HIT” 3 Wood

Great purchase for me, looks great and sits behind the ball so well plus the distance is unbelievable.

Iron Set (5-PW) | Silver
Jamie Mackintosh
Great value and quality for the money!

You could spend £200 to £300 more and not get as good quality and performance for the money.

Hybrid Set
Jamie Mackintosh
Great value and quality for money

You could spend £200 to £300 more and not get as good quality and performance for the money.

Stand Bag
Jamie Mackintosh
Great value and quality for money

Stylish all in black, looks great

Bounce soles are hard to get used to

Super service, lovely looking clubs, I hope that they work . Unbeatable customer service.

Exceeded Expectations

Great looking clubs. The black bag and club covers look smart.
Took off 8 strokes on my first 18 with the clubs.
Putter for me is the best club, the weight & grip definitely helped on tye green.

Fantastic Buy - would recommend

Had an issue with a previous order (previous versions of the distance clubs) so immediately Ryan stepped up with a swift resolution, including a 10% discount and immediate replacement of the affected clubs. I used this 10% discount to buy the wedges as I am huge fan of the company - great quality and prices.

The wedges are awesome, offering me good accuracy and spin around the greens and out of bunkers (when I hit the ball properly!). Would highly recommend to anyone (especially given that you can buy three clubs for what would get you one of the expensive established brands' wedges).

I now own a Caley Driver, 3 Wood, mid-mallet Putter and the wedges - happy with all clubs. I did however, treat myself to the new TM Stealth irons but I am in no doubt that the Caley irons are a great shout for any high to mid handicapper.

#3 Fairway Wood
Andrew Klose
Good all round

Prompt delivery. 3 wood works fine for me, which makes it very good value.

Woods Set
Tony Millson
Wow, wasn't expecting that!

After months of indecision, wondering if all the hype surrounding the woods set was true. I decided to take the plunge and order a set purely based on the returns guarantee.
Delivery took a few days as it was over the bank holiday period. As soon as the courier had dropped them off, I opened the box. The driver and fairway wood look as good as clubs that cost twice as much as they cost. The driver performed better than my old driver in terms of straightness, with a little gain in distance as well. As did the fairway wood.
Suffice to say I will not be needing to use the money back guarantee as these will be staying in my golf bag. THANK YOU Ryan.

Full set

I had a few questions I needed answering before made my order. So sent a message 7.30 on a Sunday evening hoping I'd get a reply by Monday afternoon so I could order. To my astonishment I got an instant reply and had ordered my new clubs by 9 o clock . By Tuesday evening I was at the range checking my new clubs out . By Saturday I was hitting my first 300 yard drive for the first time in 10 years. I was fully expecting to take a while to get used to playing with new clubs but they feel amazing . Especially the wedges control is unbelievably good. I honestly can't recommend these clubs enough. The whole experience from first contact to receiving my clubs has been first class. Thank you caley golf. Probably the best customer service I've ever had .
Many thanks Greg.

#3 Fairway Wood
Jonathan Pearson
3 Wood

To be honest, I expected this to be a good club from the reviews. However it has turned out to be a great club. I’m hitting more fairways and my driver is now only coming out for par 5s!

Amazing set of irons!

I’ve always used premium brand irons and decided to give Caley a go after reading the reviews. These are the best irons I’ve had, distance, feel and look behind the ball are amazing.

Iron Set (5-PW) | Silver
Graham Dickinson
Love these

Great irons
Feel great In ur hand
Nice shot from them
Only negative mark very easily....
Still for the price.... perfect....

Great wedges

Played golf for a few years never really purchased wedge's...but after I purchased irons I thought why not...
Really like them, look good feel good and work really well for me...
Only negative mark very easily.....👍

Woods Set
Nick Poole
Wood set

Wood set arrived promptly and initial reaction is good on the course.

Excellent irons

Brilliant service and value for money, good forgiveness and quality made

Iron Set (5-PW) | Silver
Rob , Birmingham
Great company and the clubs aren’t bad either

I’ve had these clubs for a week now, I’m hitting the irons well and they are great quality.
I bought on price but experienced a quality product, the reviews are correct.


Great club, pleased with the carbon shaft and the engineering on the club head. Unfortunately the grip is on slightly off centre. But for the price, completely worth the purchase!

Wedge set

Fantastic set I'm hitting them better than my Cleveland wedges would recommend anyone to try them

Iron Set (5-PW) | Silver
Garry Robertson
Caley X Irons

Great irons, so easy to use and hit with.

Stand Bag
Thomas Gibson
Great all round bag

I went from a trolley bag to this one and it's very good all round. A good selection of pockets for organisation, classic club divider which isn't cramped and a solid stand. I haven't yet tried how well the cooler pocket works. The straps feel good and strong and the adjustability is good. A bit more work than a trolley bag but more suited to the modern golf course. Price is good too. Makes me want to try the club's.

#3 Fairway Wood
Andrew McKinlay
3 wood is better than good

Have to say I’ve really enjoyed using it, lovely feel off the ground and a real confidence builder when you’re looking to build on the distance from the Caley driver.

Amazing wedge set

I got the iron set and decided to get the wedge set as the irons are fantastic. They didn't disappoint, great set well worth getting if your getting the iron set.

Caley iron set

I have had these clubs for a few weeks now and played about 4 rounds with them. I am finding them easy to hit and forgiving with off centre strikes. Overall they are great clubs would recommend them to anyone.