Return Policy

We’re confident you’ll love your new set of Caley clubs. On the off chance you don’t, we’re happy to take them back from you with no questions asked. 

We understand that buying golf clubs online can be difficult.

That's why we give our customers 60 days to try the clubs out on the course. If they aren't for you then just send them back to us for a full refund. 

See below which clubs you can try during this period:

Complete Set
The entire set must be returned. The driver, fairway wood, #4 hybrid, 7 iron, SW & putter can be used as trial clubs. The remaining clubs in the set must be returned unused and in original packaging. 

Classic Set
The entire set must be returned. The driver, fairway wood, #4 hybrid, 7 iron, SW & putter can be used as trial clubs. The remaining clubs in the set must be returned unused and in original packaging. 

Casual Set
The entire set must be returned. The driver, fairway wood, #4 hybrid, 7 iron, SW & putter can be used as trial clubs. The remaining clubs in the set must be returned unused and in original packaging. 

Woods Set
Both driver & fairway wood can be used.

Hybrids Set
The #4 hybrid can be used as a trial club. The #3 hybrid must be return unused and in original packing (wrappers).

Iron Set
The 7 iron can be used as a trial club. The 5,6,8,9 & PW must be returned unused and in original packaging (wrappers).

Wedge Set
The SW can be used as a trial club. The GW & LW must be returned unused and in original packaging (wrappers). 

The putter can be used as a trial club. 

Please email us if you would like to arrange a return. 

    Based on 994 reviews
    Caley used iron set

    Looks as good as on the website,played a few holes last night,really impressed,looking forward to getting used to them soon,thanks Ryan,great clubs


    I was looking for a new set of clubs but wasn’t keen on spending a fortune. I am glad I I gave these clubs a shot. They look good, but more importantly they feel good. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for new set. The wedges are going to be my next purchase

    4-PW Iron Set | Silver
    Steven Bradley

    Not swinging too well at the moment ryan, that said when i do connect well they feel really nice, i love the look and feel of them, i definitely needed to upgrade and these will do the job for me thanks

    #3 Fairway Wood
    Marc Hunton
    The rocket

    I also have the irons what fantastic all round clubs theta are

    New perimeter weighted irons

    Not sure if I'm one of the first to have them but really impressed with the new design irons! Played for the first time with them at the weekend shot 76 easily my best score of the year. They were great distance and so easy to hit, the 9iron and pw in particular were super solid. Loved them that much ordered the wedges today😁

    Very happy!

    The clubs are great so impressed with the finish and quality the bag is has good if not better than top brands I have purchased in the past. A Great product

    #3 Fairway Wood
    James Boyd
    Three Wood

    Absolutely brilliant service from Ryan three wood is amazing goes for miles.
    Small mark on first club and Ryan told me just to use it and he sent me a new one amazing.

    #3 Fairway Wood
    Graham broadfoot
    3 wood

    amazing club goes miles past my previous club. Hit the sweet spot everytime with it. Im going to try the driver once back in stock.

    #3 Fairway Wood
    Dale Stephen

    Great wood

    Left handed Caley Putter

    Everything I expected in a putter and more. Well made an overall excellent product.

    Wedges review

    I have only used them a couple of times but have found that they work well and have found that they actually go further then my old wedges.

    #3 Fairway Wood
    Edward Montague

    Just as good as the driver.

    Great Clubs, Great Quality, Great Value

    As a relatively new player (about two years) I was looking to upgrade my clubs. I came across adverts for Caley. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but decided to do a bit of research. Read reviews and watched YouTube video, all of which were positive. The final clincher was the 60 day trial. So if I didn’t get on with them, I could send them back for a full refund. Seemed like a no lose situation.
    Order place for a set of irons, clubs arrived a couple of days later and straight down the range for me.
    Felt fantastic to hold (much better than my old clubs), whilst it took a couple of baskets to adjust to them as they were std length where as my old clubs were +1 inch, the connection with the ball seemed much better and distance achieved was greater than before. So much so that I have had to go down one in club selection.
    Have been really impressed with you them. Definitely keeping them and have know ordered the woods.
    Nicely done Ryan and all at Caley

    4-pw iron set

    Excellent set, really great quality and look amazing.

    4-PW Iron Set | Silver
    Brian Mcveigh

    4-PW Iron Set | Silver

    4-PW Iron Set | Silver
    Craig Robinson
    Great Value

    Really enjoying using them .

    4-PW Iron Set | Silver
    Chris Frugtneit
    Great Clubs

    Have had my clubs now for a month so have played a few rounds now and very happy with them. Nicely weighted and feel good when I hit the ball. Would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for new clubs.

    #3 Fairway Wood
    Sean Mackay
    Caley 3 wood

    Love it. The club is stunning, really great look to it. Great performance, really smooth and great feel when striking the ball. Also quite forgiving. I will definitely be purchasing more Caley products in the future.

    Fantastic irons

    Delighted with the irons. Having a mid to high handicap, I was a little concerned that I may struggle with them, but couldn't have been more wrong. Really enjoying them, very easy to hit and have added distance and accuracy. Highly recommended.


    Took a punt on the irons as I’ve been using a set for last 20 years that were fitted for someone else. They look brilliant, they feel brilliant and once I’ve got used to the differences I’m sure I will play brilliant again 😂

    52°, 56° & 60° Wedge Set | Black
    Andrew Oakley
    Blacked out wedges

    Great looking clubs, love them. also look great in the bag alongside the caley irons

    Impressive irons

    I play off 20 and was concerned that the irons wouldn’t be forgiving enough for someone of my skill but I was wrong. They feel very well balanced and are nice and forgiving, although definitely more responsive on miss-hits through my hands than my old Taylormade M3s. This has lead me to become more aware of my ball striking which is a good thing. Excellent value for money.

    4-PW Iron Set | Silver
    geoffrey glave
    Golf irons

    These clubs are fantastic value. Not only do they look like a very expensive club they feel great and they've actually added 10 yards to my shots.
    I've played 3 games in a row now off 16 hcp and scored in excess of 37 points each time.
    They great Thank you CALEY.

    52°, 56° & 60° Wedge Set | Black
    Kieran J Irwin

    Delighted with the wedges, great look and feel . Couldn’t be happier, fantastic clubs

    Value for money

    Among the overpriced brand equipment and clubs I found Caley irons ….as good as others if not better