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Caley | #3 Fairway Wood
Mark Davenport
Born again 3wood

Can't believe how good this 3 wood is,strait down the middle, never hit a 3 wood as far as this ,
Just ordered the driver ,sold my Taylor made3 wood and diver can't wait to try caley driver great bye

Caley | Driver
Dan Eels
Caley 🔥

Looks the business, feels great and in the *right hands, is a powerful weapon. Totally satisfied.

*when my mate tees off with it

Great Club, S*** Customer service

Title says enough.

Caley | Driver
Christopher Gilmore
Excellent club

beautifully made, light weight driver

Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set
Stuart Richardson
Extra 20 yards

I love my new Caley Hybrids, they look fantastic and sit very nicely behind the ball. They are easily 15 - 20 yards longer than my old Cobra bafflers, and with a tighter dispersion. They are also quite forgiving with strikes off centre not being overly punished.! Genuinely can’t fault them and would definitely recommend them.!

Caley | Driver
Brian McNeill
Go Caley

I bought a Putter and a Driver. The Putter looks great and feels good. Great value for the money. The Driver has been a game changer for me. Performs really well. Nice weight. I am delighted I have chosen Caley

Caley | Driver
Roger Uncles

1 Hitting the ball straighter
2 For me the grip size is too small
3 Matt black finish is striking
4.Face marks easy with ball and underside

3 and 4 hibrids

great clubs. look gorgeous, feel comfortable, easy to hit. just need to learn how to hit them better ;)

Caley | Driver
Jordan Todd
Brilliant club

Bought a driver after struggling to find one that suited me, I knew the 1st time I hit the caley driver it was the one for me, top clubs and top service from Ryan

Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set

Take a bit of getting used to but look great.

Caley | Driver
Eric Fehily

Maybe the golfer not the driver

Hit, Hit and miss

Beautiful clubs, and I mean so gorgeous. Hitting them on the matts at the D/R feels much different to the Golf Course though. Probably more suited to a high to medium handicapper. Great value for money but sadly not for me. Sadly. Don’t let my opinion sway you though. Test them for yourselves.

Caley | #3 Fairway Wood

Caley | Driver
Nisith Nathwani
Caley driver

Really loving the driver. I’m new to golf and this has added 15-20 yards to my drives. Lovely feel to the club. Seriously thinking of getting the irons as well.

Caley | #3 Fairway Wood
Roddy Blackburne
3 Wood

Tried the Ping G425 and was really put off by the price tag. The Caley performed just as well and if not was more forgiving off mishits etc and more than half the price. No brainer..


Absolutely brilliant putter love the weight and the feel of it and has definitely improved my putting game, can’t wait for my irons to come now!!

Caley | Blade Putter
Nick Marshall
Fantastic Putter

I received the club within two days of ordering meaning it was ready for my weekend round and it made an instant difference. The putter has a great feel to it and has given me so much more confidence when putting, particularly for longer putts, and putts on the fringe, which I used to be guilty of leaving very short. The face is very forgiving making putts that aren’t hit cleanly still be in with a chance. I’ve never used a thick grip before and I am finding this one very comfortable. I feel this putter has made a big difference to my game, mainly confidence when putting.
For the price this is amazing value and I will be investing in more Caley clubs in the future!

Long and Forgiving

I ordered these hybrids to replace my 3 and 4 irons as a beginner golfer with high swing speed I found that I was too inconsistent with the longest irons so thought I would go for the hybrids. Straight away, much more consistent contact with the ball and found that I was able to control the club face much better than with the irons. They have a great feel and weight to the club, certainly feel more expensive than they are and I was shocked when I realised that I was consistently hitting the 3 hybrid 250+ yards with the longest being just shy of 275 yards, which I feel is a bit crazy from an 'off the shelf’ club. I often have to remind myself that these clubs are HYBRIDS and not woods 😂. All in all, great clubs, much easier to hit than 3 & 4 irons and love the look and feel of them.

Caley | Driver
Michael Hunter

Sceptical at first. Customer service from Ryan was second to none. Clubs are excellent quality. Dispersion of shots is unbelievable

Caley wedges

Purchased these wedges great value £199 for a set of free
Super speedy delivery and Ryan great customer service
And the wedges are fantastic feel on them and look the dogs nuts
Massively recommend this company

Straight and a great sound

A risk-free purchase, which I definitely will not be returning! These irons make a great sound and fly the ball straighter than my old fitted clubs. Now saving for the driver and wedges

Caley | Driver
David Audemard
Love it

Love this driver been using it over my last 4 rounds and honestly hitting the majority or fairways so must be forgiving. Also looks and sounds fantastic. Would highly recommend to anyone

Best irons I've ever used!

Review submitted by Stefan J - Having played golf for many years, but only returning during lockdown I wanted to kit myself out without breaking the bank. I've used various iron sets throughout my time, including the ones that 'nothing feels like'. These are just as good, if not better!

After an email exchange with Ryan @ Caley and having dropped several hints to my wife, she surprised me with these as a birthday present. They are brilliant! They look great, feel great, my distance is consistent and the control is great too.

If you have any queries, email and ask. Ryan is quick to respond and really helpful. Thanks for the great service and keep doing what you're doing :)

Happy so far.

Only been on the range so far. Really like the feel of the clubs.