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Feedback from Terry Gibson

A great set of clubs that set up well behind the ball from 4 to PW. Gives great confidence that ball strike will be solid. Can’t wait for the summer!

Worth every penny

I Purchased the set of 3 wedges about 2 months ago. performance is amazing, reacts off the face really nice, generates really good spin. Would like to see more options in terms of maybe a 50/54/58 degree. Overall would 100% recommended to anyone, no matter the level you play at.

Caley | Driver
Jogn Thompson
Buy these clubs

Don't hesitate buy these clubs. Took 4 shots off my first round with these clubs.

Hi my hybrid set

Out in Dubai at the moment first time using them but just realised you have sent me the same clubs a 3 hybrid stiff and a 3 hybrid regular instead of a 3 and 4 hybrid set . I no mistakes can happen but only realised after hitting both clubs after my son told me . But I have found the 3 hybrid regular to be very good thankyou David Bridge.

4-PW Iron Set

Bought these for a colleague at work because he didn’t want his wife to know that he’s buying clubs. He absolutely loves them! Used them 3 times and he says they’re beautiful. Plays links golf in the north east of Scotland and the ball flight is tremendously strong.

Caley 4-pw

Order came through pretty quickly which was nice. The quality of the clubs is really impressive, very forgiving for slight mis hits.
I am tempted with the hybrids next!!

Hybrid review

Firstly received excellent service from Caley. The clubs arrived speedily from the initial order.
I have only played a couple of rounds and found these clubs to be fantastic. Great feel on the fairway - nice weight with great flight.
Excellent clubs

Caley | Driver
Tom Taylor
Fantastic Clubs

Was a bit sketchy at first as I’m not a regular player and my swing is a bit temperamental so I was nervous with the stiff shafts…but I have to say I’ve never hit a ball so we’ll or consistently! Almost have the full set now, just need the wedges to complete the set! I couldn’t recommend these highly enough to anyone of any ability! Cheers Ryan!

Caley | 52°, 56° & 60° Wedge Set | Silver

Excellent service.

Haven’t given it to my grandson yet ! It’s a Xmas gift but sure he will be delighted.


Feels amazing, and a lot easier to aim… sunk a lot more putts since I bought it

Caley | Driver
Graham Roberts
Driver/3 Hybrid

Only wanted a Driver and the 3 Hybrid so emailed my request, Ryan was quick to respond and arranged a price and invoice. Clubs came within a few days and they looked great. I have only used on the range so far but the sound and feel are superb.I'm guessing the clubs have added 20-25 yds and can't wait to hit the course. Was looking at 2nd hand drivers previously and they would of been more expensive than the 2 new clubs from Caley.

Carley is the only way

So impressed with these clubs only used them once since they have arrived but the feel of the face was amazing can’t wait to get them on the course and get them scoring

solid feeling putter

This putter has a very nice feedback from the milled face.
Feels great in your hands,
Putter grip feels great it's not too thick or to thin just right in my hands.
If you are in the market or looking for a nice looking-feeling putter, I would say grab one ASAP you will not be disappointed.

Brilliant Clubs

Bought these clubs after some reading the reviews. Hope people will read my review. If in dought about these clubs don't be. They are BRILLIANT. I also bought the driver which is drives the ball long and straight. Don't get me wrong I had a few wayward drives but as a 18 handicap I would expect that. Buy them, give them ago

Beautiful irons

Ordered the irons as I really liked the look of them. I have the putter and it’s superb. But of a cliche but it has honestly helped my golf. Unfortunately the irons were just not for me. No fault at all of Caley golf or Ryan whatsoever. Certainly not out off trying something else from the range. Wedges could be next.
Definitely worth checking this brand out

Amazing clubs!

Had my new Caley irons for couple of months now and hugely impressed. Great quality, looks and service, 100% recommendations from me.
Driver on its way 😊

Great looking clubs that work

Played 3 rounds with these clubs and have bonded really well, look great and have a great feel, I’m hitting more consistently with longer distance, best money I’ve sent and worth every penny and more, the company are brilliant too with excellent customer service.

Caley | Blade Putter
Kevin McGuinness
Quality putter

Absolutely love my Caley putter. Perfectly balanced and the grip and face make it a really slick club. Prefer this to any “premium” putter I’ve used. Added the 3 wood to my bag as well based on the quality of this putter. Can’t fault it at all.

Outstanding putter

Had this putter for nearly a couple of months now and can't stress how impressed I am.
Feels great, with a satisfying contact with the ball and the handle is spot on. Everyone also comments on how good and premium it looks too.
Can't recommend it highly enough and you can't go wrong with a 60 day return policy.

Great Value Great Looking clubs

Feel as though these clubs are a little offset at first glance but loved the look and feel and hit with confidence from the start. Similar length gains as my old fitted clubs.

The perfect Putter

Never mind breaking your bank balance in search of the holy grail of putters, your search is over and not only does it not burst the bank but it looks & plays better than every other version out there (my opinion off course). Get yourself a Caley putter mid mallet (what I have) or a blade, you’ll never go anywhere else again. I know I won’t be 👍

Caley | Blade Putter
Derek Martin
Caley putter

Excellent putter great value for the money, can’t recommend Caley golf highly enough


Excellent service and nice clubs

Caley | Blade Putter
Michael Hill
Spot on

Brilliant quality, managed to decrease my putting strokes with this putter