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Fantastic set

Love that I could buy the wedges as a set, the clubs are beautifully simple which makes a great fit in any bag, would
Definitely recommend

Caley | Driver
Sam Kelleher
Feels good

Haven’t had a chance to use it on the course yet but at the range I’m
Getting good results and extra distance.

Great Wedge Set

Really good range of clubs, helped my short game massively and given me more options when around the green.

Iron Set

Only have them for a short period but they are very forgiving especially for a high handicapper and as such didn’t want to spend an fortune on new clubs they have proved that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get satisfaction. The four ball i play with have noticed I am hitting the ball better and have commented favourably so I would have no hesitation in recommending these clubs to anyone

New hybrids

These clubs have changed my game there so easy to hit and the ball flight is out of this world straight and long and so versatile around the rough and greens best buy this season

Cracking irons

Really forgiving set of clubs and look the business too! I got them in black and really happy with how they look, got some marks showing but you’re going to get that with the black finish I suppose. Would definitely recommend!

Caley | Driver
Stephen Burns

Really pleased with my driver. Looks great and I have been hitting the ball further and straighter than before.

Great wedges

Look great, feel great and they have given me a lot more confidence with my golf around the greens!

So far so good!

Only played 6 rounds with clubs so far, they look great and feel great. I’ve noticed an increase in distance and forgiveness compared to my old irons also.

Best set of wedges going lovely looking club and feel

Brought the wedge they came today went out for a game best wedges iv hit would highly recommend buying thinking about buying the hybrids

Full set … bag and all!

Thoroughly recommend Ryan and his fantastic clubs … at 59, with a 13 handicap, but only playing about a dozen times through the summer, I was reluctant to part with the huge sum required for even just a driver from Ping or the like. Looked into second hand but wanted a new set, and came across direct to consumer as an alternative, with Caley looking the best of the ones I found … great looks, great price, pulled the trigger … and was floored both by the immediate and friendly service from Ryan (I live in the Netherlands, and Brexit and Corona were complicating things), and by the clubs, that feel great, and have inspired me to get out there more.


Took a gamble on these and very glad I did.
They look great in the bag and behind the ball.
Very forgiving and feels great off the face.
Have tested clubs for twice the price that do not look or feel as good as these.
Great service and fast delivery.
One minor comment is 2 of my irons grips were not aligned properly, but easily fixed.

Very good value for money

Amazing clubs and customer service

I could not be more glowing in my review and will definitely order from Caley again.

Caley | Driver
Paul McConville
Caley Driver

Played with my new driver a few times now and love the look of it behind the ball. The sound is decent and I like that the ball leave a mark on the face so I know where I’ve made contact. The finish is starting to wear of the bottom of the face but apart from that I’m really happy.

Silver Irons - Stiff

I bought these to replace my 10 year old Titleist blades in search of more forgiveness on miss hits. The delivery and customer service was excellent and so far the performance has been more than comparable to other premium options. Only time will tell if the lower price will have any effect on their longevity…


Super impressed by the quality and the look. So forgiving too! Now my mates want to buy some!

100% best new irons for the money

As a high handicapper I was worried they wouldn't be for me but I've struggled to hit a bad strike with my irons since they've arrived. They look and feel great, only criticism is a couple grips aren't 100% straight but I don't use them to square the face anyway. If it was an issue I'm certain Ryan would sort it out for me anyway.

So far so good

Initial hit with the wedges and I’m very pleased with the bounce and the performance. Not getting as much spin as I expected but that might be me getting used to them. Only negative is that the clubs mark very quickly. I bought the Matt black and after a few bunker shots there was some scuffing. I’m hoping this doesn’t impact on their performance or longevity.

Caley | Driver
Daniel Coe

Haven’t had the time it deserves yet, however lovely looking club and great service all round

Clubs look great

Clubs look and feel great but have to be honest I have not used them yet as I dont play that much nowadays

Caley | Blade Putter
Peter Wilkinson
Excellent putter

As with all of Caley's products, the blade putter is high quality at a great price.

Great irons

Been using the irons for a month or so. Love them! Great feel. Long and forgiving. Handicap has come down by 3! You've made a great set of irons Ryan.

Caley | Driver
David Lewis
Daley Driver

Great quality club and excellent prompt service. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Caley | Driver
Paul Harden
Good driver

Very happy with the Caley driver, getting a higher trajectory and a bit more distance than with my old 11.5 degree club even though the Caley's 10.5. Also bought the iron set, but they didn't suit me (nothing wrong with them, just not right for me) so I returned them - excellent customer service, refund processed within a few days.