Inspired by the home of golf

Caley has been developed by Ryan, a young Scottish entrepreneur and enthusiastic golfer.

Whilst working in digital marketing in central London he dreamed of the day he would run his own business back in Scotland.

Ryan was aware of recent trends with small challenger businesses taking on big global brands.

He saw there was an opportunity for a new golf brand which by selling online, direct to consumers could cut out the middlemen and provide great looking, top quality clubs at affordable prices. 

His first brand Old Tom was launched in 2018 and very quickly became established with golfers across the world who provided great reviews on the look and performance of the clubs as well as the quality of the personal service. They also liked the straight-talking approach without the overly technical and marketing jargon used by the big brands.  

Using positive customer feedback Ryan has now developed a new collection of clubs using the Caley brand.

Caley (pronounced CAH-LAY) is short for Caledonia the name the Romans gave Scotland and remains an affectionate term used today.

If Old Tom was a nod to one of the great characters in golf Caley takes its inspiration from Scotland more generally with so much golfing heritage and also a reputation for a very inclusive and accessible approach to the game.

Values that are important to the Caley brand.