Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set
Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set
Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set
Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set
Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set
Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set
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Caley | #3 & #4 Hybrid Set

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So forgiving that you’ll actually look forward to long approach shots.

We know that having a versatile club, like a hybrid, can be a great weapon on the course if it's easier to hit, more accurate than a long iron, and provided distances close to that of a fairway wood. The problem was…and remains…that many hybrid clubs don't offer the playability of either a long iron or a fairway wood.

Not so with the Caley hybrids. We've designed these clubs from the ground up to be just what they are…a unique category of clubs. They aren't 'extended' long irons, nor 'compact' fairway woods. They were specifically engineered independently for a given purpose in your bag, between your irons and woods.

Most misses with hybrids are caused by poor contact low on the face. This can result in thin, weak shots that barely get airborne. By positioning a weight towards the back of thesole, we've been able to push the centre of gravity as far back as possible. This dramatically improves overall performance and forgiveness. 

A higher bounce leading and trailing edge design allows the clubhead to slide through the turf more easily.

Let's face it; a hybrid club is used often when you need to hit a great recovery shot after a poor tee shot. Very seldom are these important shots hit from the middle of a well-manicured fairway. So, we developed the Caley hybrids to work best from the rough or fairway bunkers. Giving you great performance even from a bad lie.

Hybrid Head Specifications
#3 #4
Loft 19° 22°
Lie 59° 59.5°
Face Angle
Head Wt. 234.5g 240g
Material Ti Ti
Hybrid Shaft Specifications
Regular Stiff
Shaft Wt. 50g 60g
Length 40" 40"
Torque 3.7 3.5
Kick Point Mid Mid
Trajectory Mid-high Mid-high

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Just as good as the mainstream brands but a fraction of the cost...

It’s only been in the last few weeks that I have had chance to review and have a good workout with the woods, hybrids, irons and wedges I purchased 4 months ago. For any club golfer who is looking for value and cannot justify £1700 for a US branded and commercialised set of sticks, you cannot go wrong with Caley. I cannot fault the clubs it’s only the player at fault, but has provided extra distance versus a lesser technology club. You don’t get the custom fitting but TBH unless you are a pro then I doubt it will make any difference and your game, so suggest the money saved you get some lessons. It’s also great to support smaller golf brands so wish you all the best. 🦾🦾🦾 Well done !!

Amazing First Impressions

I've never been a fan of hybrids so I haven't used any for 6 or 7 years. I've basically only used my driver, 3-wood and long irons. After buying some other Caley clubs I decided to take the plunge with the hybrids, and I'm so glad I did. Initially they look amazing out of the box. They feel very well made and come with really nice head covers. My first shot with the 3-hybrid on the course, 190 yards into the wind, smack bang into the heart of the green. Hit the 4-hybrid off the tee yesterday on a 260 yard par 4, slightly high and a 10ft eagle putt (which I missed)! They are superb clubs with great distance and feel, and I actually feel confident over the ball now which is great. Would highly recommend these hybrids.

Great Hybrids

Got these to fill the gap between woods and shorter irons. Right from the start easy to hit both the 3 and 4. Good distance and straight, great feel and very confidence building. Nicely made, with hand little covers.

Effortless Hybrids for all occasions

I was nervous about having hybrids, I’ve only ever had driver & 3 wood, but with the 60 returns policy I couldn’t say no to trying these out. I am so glad I did! They offer so much. In the rough or a tight lie and you still have a bit to go to get where you want, these are the club! A few occasions I found myself needing distance but was worried if i tried too hard I’d fluff my lines, a nice easy swing, make the connection and the club does all the work with the power. After one round with these I just know they’ll be a go to club for me going forward. Where else can you get two great hybrids for this price? Unreal!

Hybrid Set

Look good feel good doing my game good.

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